Sunday, 22 January 2012

How to Unclog an Epson R800 Pigment Printer

I was given an R800 printer 18 months ago and just got around to looking t it over the Christmas Holidays. For a start this is only going to be of use to you if you buy refillable cartridges and have an able supply of dye ink on hand.
Because if you try this with Epson inks its will cost you a couple of hundred Quid in Epson ink Cartridge's.
It would be Easier and Cheaper to buy new printer.

Okay so press the ink replace button and bring the printer head to the cartridge changing position. Take out the carts and put aside. then undo the plastic cover over the leads going into the Head. There three screws holding the head in undo these lift out the head gently pull out the leads. Now you have the printer head in your hand. BE CAREFUL DO NOT SCRATCH and start cleaning the underside with Windolene and Cotton buds.

Get some rubber fuel line from a model aeroplane shop and fill a syringe with the same cleaner attach the hose to each cartridge spur and Gently push cleaner into the heads. DO NOT USE FORCE, then leave the head over night. Next day SUCK out the fluid with the syringe and hose this is where you are trying to get the clog out. Again clean the lower head surface with Windolene, fill the spurs again leave over night. Then replace head and put in refillable cartridges and fill with dye ink. Dye ink is a good unclogger in its self, run a head cleaning and alignment. DO NOT run more then Two Cleaning Runs in succession. If it is printing well WELL DONE,  if not carry out the whole the procedure again.

R800 finally printing again with all its Guns Blazing, Here using cheap Glossy paper and a quick profile i knock up wil X-Rite  EZ-Color

For me this took a a hour a here and there over the Christmas Holidays and finally I have a working printer again. I will be running Dye inks for the time being until I am happy that the printer is totally clear and then will USE PIGMENTS IN THERE OWN CARTRIDGES, they are so cheap there is no reason not to. If I ever put this printer in storage again it will be with DYE INKS in it :)


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Below are 60 ideas for glowing :)

60. Eliminate shoulds.
59. Enjoy down time.
58. Run towards your fears.
57. Be dependable.
56. Embrace self-responsibility.
55. Be completely honest.
54. First meet your own needs.
53. Notice the beauty around you.
52. Open your mind to change.
50. Set attainable goals.
49. Go at your own pace.
48. Honor your individuality.
47. Open yourself to unlimited possibilities.
46. See the humor in things.
45. Celebrate your imperfections.
44. Reward yourself.
43. Be flexible.
42. Be gentle with yourself.
41. Be open to being wrong.
40. Laugh for no reason.
39. Light candles.
38. Enjoy nature.
37. Get a message.
36. Congratulate yourself.
35. Know yourself.
34. Appreciate where you are today.
33. Give yourself space.
32. Breathe mindfully.
31. Communicate your emotions.
30. Learn to relax.
29. Meditate.
28. Say no more often.
27. Experience new things.
26. Take mini breaks throughout the day.
25. Create personal affirmation cards, use daily.
24. Hang out with positively happy people.
23. Schedule fun times for yourself.
22. Make your car a sanctuary.
21. Dress for success.
20. Be impeccably groomed.
19. Balance your energy.
18. Recharge your batteries.
17. Refuse to argue.
16. Balance your diet.
15. Sleep sound.
14. Persevere.
13. Feel and express gratitude.
12. Give up self put-downs.
11. Develop your intuition.
10. Learn to hold your own hand.
9. Accept your physical appearance.
8. Keep your cool.
7. Vent in a positive way.
6. Speak kindly of yourself.
5. Be brave. 
4. Learn to calm yourself.
3. Listen to music.
2. Make the most of every opportunity.
1. Start fresh each day.