Monday, 19 March 2012

Hanumanasana, Seated Splits, Monkey Pose

Hanumanasana Andrea Boudin. Photography © Brian D. Brady
Hanumanasana, (Sanskrit: हनुमानासन) or Monkey Pose, Seated Splits  is an asana.
Hanuman = powerful Hindu deity with physical features of a monkey 
This pose, in which the legs are split forward and back, mimics Hanuman's famous leap from the southern tip of India to the island of Sri Lanka.

The yogi pushes one leg forward and one leg backwards until they are in the splits position. Once the yogi has moved the legs into position, there are several variations of arm and upper body position including Añjali Mudrā.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Sage Twist, Marichyasana,

Marichyasana, Andrea Boudin. Photography © Brian D. Brady
Marichyasana Marichi = an ancient Indian sage. 
In Sanskrit, “Marichi” means a ray of light or father of humanity, and “asana” means yoga pose

Marichyasana  can be performed with several slightly different leg positions. This seated twist is said to cleanse the body by removing toxins from internal organs.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Padmasana, The Lotus Position

The Lotus Position: Andrea Boudin. Photography: Brian D. Brady
Padmasana, The Lotus Position, padma = lotus
The Lotus Position (Sanskrit: पद्मासन [pɐd̪mɑːs̪ɐn̪ɐ], IAST: padmāsana)

   The ultimate yoga pose, it is adopted to allow the body to be held completely steady for long periods of time. As the body is steadied the mind becomes calm, the first step towards meditation. It is an established posture, commonly used in the Hindu Yoga and Buddhist contemplative traditions