Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Cineform File conversion for Free. Legally

    This is something I have been looking for for quite awhile, though I don't make Videos to often now, At one time I worked in video and film production. So now that DSLR's can capture very high quality moving images, I am of course drawn to that aspect of my 5DMK2 and my 550D.

    Getting those clunky H.264 files to run well in my NLE has taken a Processor,  Ram, Graphics Card upgrade. But for editing on a laptop everyone says use the CineForm file format. I didn't want to buy CineForm Neoscene as I would not often use it but after trying the Trial Version it certainly is a nice format.

    So here we are, if you would like to use the Cineform CFHD file format on your windows computer try the following

    First download and install GO Pro Cineform Studio free version Here I do not use a Go-Pro but I am glad they bought CineForm. You see when you install this we get the CFHD codec installed on our computers.

  Download and install MP4Cam2AVI Easy Converter Here

  Download and install Virtualdub Freeware Here

  Download and install x264 VFW Codec Free Here

  So now open MP4cam2Avi Freeware and select your H.264 .MOV file

  All that happens here is the file has its file type renamed there is no transcoding so it very quick

   When this is done open Virtualdub

   This is a very cool piece of freeware and like many enthusiast made programs it has many many features. So I will only show what we need for the job in hand
   Go Video-Filters and deinterlace for now use the default setting. Now go Video Compression

   Choose GoPro-CineForme, and set for Higher HD
   Now Save as AVI and it will convert your file to cineform. Now you are ready to edit smoothly in your favorite editor :)

   I hope this is of some use to you Guys out there

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