Sunday, 12 June 2011

Andrea's Review of "Fierce Medicine" by Ana T. Forrest

    Ana Forrest's new book "Fierce Medicine" came out last month. I had eagerly awaited its arrival ever since attending a workshop she held in Dublin earlier this year.

   To me, this book had a few very important bits of information that helped me on my personal path. Sometimes it just happens when I read, just a few words in a certain way, at exactly the right time, and something clicks, shifts, something old breaks up to make space for a new development. I stopped drinking coffee right after reading her book, just like that, a task that I had been putting off since many years really, so profound were her words on me that I was able to turn knowledge into action.

    Ana's book has a minimal amount of information specific to the practice of asanas, pranayama or Kriya cleansing techniques, instead she writes about painful truths, struggles and fears, and how to utilize yoga as a tool to develop personal freedom and spirituality.
This book actually did change my life a little bit, highly recommended!

Andrea Boudin

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